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URY226 Your squeeze Elle is getting away!, 2 layer theatrical size cel $20.00


ury209.jpg (13569 bytes)

URY209 Look like the negative universe is upon us! 1 cel w/background $40.00


ury210a.jpg (6785 bytes)    ury210b.jpg (8045 bytes)

URY210 She has no face! For the love of God! Help! 1 cel w/pencil sketch & 1 cel w/pencil sketch $20.00


ury187b.jpg (13026 bytes)    ury187.jpg (11219 bytes)

URY187 "Mom, I'm going to my room. Lum is feeling a bit horny!" 1 cel w/ background $55.00


Ury161.jpg (10477 bytes)

URY161 Larger-than-life Ten, 1 cel $30.00


Ury163.jpg (10180 bytes)

URY163 I’ll show you who wears the pants around here!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $25.00


Ury167a.jpg (11670 bytes)    Ury167b.jpg (3900 bytes)

URY167 Anime really needs more traditional Russian dancing..., 1 cel w/pencil sketch $10.00


Ury153.jpg (14223 bytes)

URY153 Ignore him, and he may go away..., 1 cel $40.00


ury144.jpg (10853 bytes)

URY144 Ataru is going to get that damned Kewpie doll! 2 cels w/background (some light spotting) $45.00


Ury117.jpg (10198 bytes)

URY117 The siren call of an ice-cream sundae..., 1 cel $40.00


ury075.jpg (10304 bytes)

URY075 Beautiful cel of everyone's favorite teacher! 1 cel without registration holes or serial number (probably used for some kind of special sequence) $95.00


ury056.jpg (12667 bytes)

URY056 Most people see stars. Mendou sees tiny spaceships! 1 cel w/background (The background seems to have been cut from a larger one, and it's in rough shape w/tape on the back. There are two sets of staple holes in the cel (above the registration holes) and background.) $25.00


Ury042.jpg (5198 bytes)

URY042 Give Ataru a wispy mustache and he becomes Lord of the Dance, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


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