MOBsign.gif (4928 bytes)


mob078.JPG (14076 bytes)

MOB078 Ready to have more fun?, 1 cel $25.00


mob071.JPG (14919 bytes)

MOB071 The game of checkers has never been more intense!, 2 layer cel w/background + concept sketch (copy) $25.00


mob073.JPG (11412 bytes)

MOB073 For the last time, somebody pull this damn feather out of my jugular!, 3 layer cel w/computer-generated production background $25.00


Mob063.JPG (12433 bytes)

MOB063 Watching her own nose grow..., 1 cel w/background + concept sketch (copy) $45.00


Mob039.JPG (9810 bytes)

MOB039 Okay, which one of you Gatcha-goons threw that?!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


Mob030.JPG (9947 bytes)

MOB030 Pop goes the weasel!, 1 cel (crease in upper left hand corner) w/pencil sketch $10.00


Mob019.JPG (10643 bytes)

MOB019 Bring on the lovely ladies!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $25.00


Mob021.JPG (11325 bytes)

MOB021 Here’s looking at you, kid, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $25.00


Mob022.JPG (11073 bytes)

MOB022 Why don’t you slip into something a little more comfortable..., 2 layer cel w/pencil sketches $20.00


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