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SMN712 I don’t trust myself to comment on this one, 2 layer cel w/background $80.00


SMN717 She’s gonna get medieval on your ass, 2 layer cel w/background + pencil sketches + shooting directions $80.00


SMN719 I think someone needs to check her shorts, 1 cel (slight paint loss on ponytail) w/background + pencil sketch $70.00



SMN701 Rubeus, I think she's checking out your caboose, 2 layer cel w/pencil sketch $40.00


SMN705 Get your daily dose of purple-haired badboy here, 2 layer cel w/background $60.00


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SMN686 I think all of the Sailor Moon hairstyles were designed on a dare! 1 wide cel w/background & pencil sketch (cel was cropped from a larger one, but the remnants of the registration holes are still on the cel) $80.00


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