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Before you order, please keep this in mind:   The common practice in the Japanese animation industry is to store cels and animation drawings together.  Cel paint tends to adhere to paper, and once stuck, it is impossible to remove the pencil drawing without destroying it.  Cels also tend to adhere to background paintings, too.  Many of the cels we offer have become adhered.   Since we cannot examine every item, we sell each cel under the assumption that it has adhered to the paper.  Please consider this before ordering.  We will not accept the return of any cel that shows signs of abuse, especially concerning pencil drawing (attempted) removal.

The standard cel size is 10.5 inches x 9 inches.  If the cel is not standard size, we will make that notation in the caption.

Borderless images were scanned at 34% of actual size.

Red-bordered images show actual size detail areas of cels. We create these detail areas by eye, and they are therefore approximations.  Use this ruler to calibrate your computer:

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In the event you feel the cel you purchased has been misrepresented, you can contact us within 3 days of receipt to request a refund. Please note that postage charges will not be refunded.


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There are three forms of payment we currently accept:

(1) INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDERS (This is the preferred method!)

These are only available at your local post office (NOT at banks!).  Checks (both personal & certified) incur a processing charge of $35~$40 each!  We don't think anyone would like to see that incorporated into our prices, so IPMOs are the way to go.  Remember, these are the pink ones (international), not the green ones (US domestic use only)!

Payment should be made by an International Postal Money Order in U.S dollars, payable to Kevin Leahy.

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This is an example of a U.S. International Postal Money Order. (Note the pink color, and small "MP1" in upper right corner.)

Non-U.S. residents, please click here for more important information concerning IPMOs.


(2) CASH VIA REGISTERED MAIL (for non-USA residents only!)

We don't encourage our customers to send cash.  But, we know that it's impossible to get IPMOs in some countries, and not everyone has a credit card.   If you cannot get an IPMO and don't wish to use PayPal (or can't), you may submit cash (US dollars) for payment.  It must be sent via registered mail.  (For added security, pack it so it is not visible through the envelope.)  Since US residents can get the proper form of IPMO, we won't accept cash from US residents.  If you'd like more information in this, please write to us before you send any currency through the mail!  (Of course, we cannot guarantee cash payments will arrive OK, but the Japanese postal service is very honest, and they've never "lost" any cash payments in the past.)


(3) PAYPAL - see below for details.


Don't forget to include the cost of postage (see below).

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 EMS (Express Mail Service) has become our main method of shipping.  EMS is a faster than regular registered mail, includes some insurance, and can be tracked online.  EMS fees start at $20 to North America & Australia, $22 to Europe, and $24 to South America & Africa.  Also, we send all Paypal orders via EMS only!  [Note: Japan Post raised their rates in June 2016, while eliminating the old (cheaper) 300-gram price tier.  The $20 base price to North America & Oceania now allows up to 500 grams.]

Each order will be sent packed with a sturdy backing board to protect your purchase.  "DO NOT FOLD"  is also written on the package as many times as the Japanese post office allows.  We've heard that this is sometimes ignored by certain mail carriers.  If your package arrives damaged DO NOT OPEN IT!   Bring it to your local post office (immediately) to complain.  You must open it in front of them in order to claim damages.  This is another reason why we use EMS, as your mail carrier is less likely to fold something he/she wants you to sign for.

Special arrangements will be necessary for shipping over-sized cels (as indicated in the item description).


After we receive your order, we'll E-mail you a confirmation that shows the amount due, and our billing address.  We will then put your selection(s) "On Hold" for a period of 10 days.  If you desire a cel that is already on hold, keep checking the site.  If the order for it is cancelled, we will remove the "On Hold" notation, and the cel will become available again.

Our old order form used to be here, but spam 'bots regularly inundated us with tons of fake orders, so we decided to do away with the form.

 Instead, please contact us at vigotonefan at hotmail dot com (no spaces and substitute the at & dot with the proper symbols).  Be sure to give us your full name and address.  (Thanks!)



Please know that while we strive to get orders sent as fast as possible, the fact is, our shipping department (Kevin) can only get to the post office about twice a week.  So, even if you pay immediately with Paypal, it may take a few days for your order to go out.  Please understand this and don't expect that immediate payment will result in immediate shipping.

Also, we send all Paypal orders via EMS (express mail) only!  We use EMS for its on-line tracking capability, not necessarily for its speed.  This means we don't expedite EMS orders, although that service will get your order to you faster than via regular mail.


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Do you want to know more about animation terminology?  Take our new Cel-ular Anatomy 101 course!  Tuition is free!   All you have to do is to click here!  (Homework is optional!)

Questions?  Comments?  Contact us at: vigotonefan at hotmail dot com (no spaces and substitute the at & dot with the proper symbols).