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ORC066 I’ve found that prune juice works better, and involves a lot less hand-washing afterwards, 1 cel w/pencil sketch + bonus cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


orc070a.JPG (11179 bytes)    orc070b.JPG (7776 bytes)

ORC070 Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of her ass!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch + bonus cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


Orc046.jpg (16194 bytes)

ORC046 Rei Lan’s roomy has just been made a lot roomier..., 1 cel w/background $25.00


Orc047.jpg (12390 bytes)

ORC047 Tojo conquers the twin peaks and plants his flag, 3 layer cel w/background $20.00


Orc048.jpg (11592 bytes)

ORC048 Don’t hate me because I’m a drug-dealing sex offender, 2 layer cel w/background $15.00


Orc037.jpg (18344 bytes)

ORC037 Big martial artists don’t cry, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


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