Money Order Information

We've received many questions concerning International Postal Money Orders.  Some are accepted by the Japanese Postal Authority, while others aren't.   This page was created to help you determine which money order you should send.

uspmo.JPG (33016 bytes)

The U.S. International Postal Money Order (shown above) is what U.S. residents should send.  We never have any trouble with these.  (U.S. residents need not read any further.)

The Japanese Postal Authority is very anal when it comes to money orders.  Each post office that is set up to process them has a book with samples of acceptable ones.  If the money order you send is not represented in the book, they will not cash it.  We've looked through this book, and have discovered certain criteria that each acceptable money order has in common.  The criteria is:

The words International Postal Money Order must be present (in either English or French).

The money order should be pink in color.

Most non-U.S. countries stipulate that the money order be sent in yen.   This is fine.  Just let us know that you're going to send one of these, and we'll let you know the amount due in yen.


Now, what NOT to send: (The Japanese Postal Authority will not cash these!)

westy.JPG (22009 bytes)

This comes from Australia.  It's missing the word "Postal" (Australia Post isn't good enough for the JPA), and it's the wrong color.  The post office doesn't accept these, and banks charge about $40.00 to cash them. There's also a one month wait for the money.  Please don't send us one of these.


barclay.JPG (20902 bytes)

This one came from England.  There is no "Postal" in the title, and it is not pink.  It wasn't accepted by the post office.


canpmo2.JPG (19948 bytes)

This one comes from Canada.  It's pink, but does not include the word "International".  Not accepted by the JPA.


Please make sure you get the proper International Postal Money Order.   If you have any questions concerning this topic, please write to us before you go out to buy one.  (Non-US customers may pay by sending cash (US dollars) via registered mail.  Write us if you'd like more information on this topic.)


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