M&Msign.gif (6365 bytes)

Mixgal.jpg (29670 bytes)    text.JPG (46829 bytes)

pricebox.JPG (21889 bytes)


M&m077.jpg (9237 bytes)

M&M077 Take her down to the station and get some mug shots, 1 cel w/pencil sketch



Aod054.jpg (8677 bytes)

M&M079 Don’t make me chuck this ben wa ball at you!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch



Dbi001.jpg (10507 bytes)

M&M084 Hey! When the heck do I get a turn to be tied up?, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


M&m071.jpg (10557 bytes)

M&M071 How did you know this was my flasher coat?!, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


M&m072.jpg (10913 bytes)

M&M072 Like my Chachi shirt?, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


M&m073.jpg (7151 bytes)

M&M073 That’s quite a hairdo you’ve got, sister, 1 cel w/pencil sketch



m&m001.jpg (6544 bytes)

M&M001 Shade tries some gentle persuasion on her captive, 1 cel w/pencil sketch



Dkn017.JPG (15555 bytes)

M&M086 Why, yes, Moe Howard is my barber. How did you know?, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


Dkn019.JPG (15123 bytes)

M&M087 Please, Lord, let me be in the next Macross series, too, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


Mip003.jpg (13222 bytes)

M&M094 Time to make the donuts... or get laid, or something!, 2 layer cel w/pencil sketch



Orc026a.jpg (13254 bytes)    Orc026b.jpg (9061 bytes)

M&M060 A double-shot-Tojo, and what makes him sweat!, 2 cels w/pencil sketches


M&m024.jpg (10282 bytes)

M&M024 You can bet it's not honest exercise making Tojo sweaty (Orchid Emblem), 1 cel w/pencil sketch (mouth only)


m&m007.jpg (10058 bytes)

M&M007 Is Tojo making sheep eyes at you again? 1 cel w/pencil sketch



Twn031.jpg (11311 bytes)

M&M099 It’s that bashful little imp again, 1 cel w/pencil sketch



Ven036.jpg (8792 bytes)

M&M100 I wish my school had an evil sex-kitten for a principal, 1 cel w/pencil sketch


m&m015.jpg (14669 bytes)

M&M015 Venus Purple is forced to dance at the masquerade, 1 cel w/sketch


pricebox.JPG (21889 bytes)

linkpanel.gif (36501 bytes)

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