MSCsign.gif (5405 bytes)


MSC301 I believe the polite term is "Rubenesque" (The Kabocha Wine), 1 cel w/pencil sketch $15.00


MSC303 Look! Itís a young Peter Griffin! (The Kabocha Wine), 2 layer cel w/background + pencil sketches + timing sheet $20.00


MSC304 Schoolís out forever! (The Kabocha Wine), 1 cel w/background $20.00


MSC315 (Yotoden), 1 cel w/pencil sketch $20.00


MSC316 (Yotoden), 1 cel w/pencil sketch $20.00


MSC317 (Yotoden), 1 cel w/pencil sketch $20.00


MSC282 He couldn't catch Cat's Eye if they bit him in the crotch, 1 cel w/pencil sketch $20.00


MSC269 Shazam got a savage tan (Cyborg 009), 1 theatrical size cel w/pencil sketch $30.00


msc245.jpg (13049 bytes)

MSC245 1 cel w/background & pencil sketch $25.00


msc218.JPG (13791 bytes)

MSC218 Nice freaking hat, buddy!, 1 cel w/background $15.00


msc219.JPG (13869 bytes)

MSC219 Look out, little lady! Mr. Roboto is trying to steal second!, 1 cel w/background $30.00


msc190.jpg (7862 bytes)

MSC190 Get ready for some cels of the cast just standing around! 3 cel layers w/pencil sketches (Sakura Wars) $15.00


msc186.jpg (5273 bytes)

MSC186 Her famous Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro impersonation! 1 cel w/pencil sketch (Sakura Wars) $25.00


msc141.jpg (7173 bytes)

MSC141 The CCS production of Rollerball.... 2 cel layers w/pencil sketch (Card Captor Sakura) $45.00


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