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Q. Your prices are so cheap! Are the cels legitimate?

A. As far as we know, YES! We would never sell a cel that we felt wasn't legitimate. We obtain our cels from the same sources that other services get their cels from. We just don't charge the higher prices. Of course, if you are more comfortable paying higher prices, feel free to add a few bucks! We won't complain. Besides, if someone was capable of producing high-quality forgeries, he'd be making $10,000.00 Disney cels, not $25.00 Slayers cels.


Q. Why do you INSIST on International Money Orders?

A. Because Japan's banking industry is regulated, and every bank charges a lot of money to cash ANY kind of check! It's as simple as that! Cash any check, at any bank, and kiss a pile of dough good-bye! (The check could be certified, drawn on a Japanese bank, and be in YEN, and the bank will still charge nose-bleed prices to cash it!)  (Click here to see an example of what the banks do to their customers!)  An International Money Order (available at your local post office ONLY) is the best way to go!


Q.  Why don't you guys take credit cards directly?

A.  We can't.  Mail order firms in Japan are not allowed to take credit cards.  This is because Japanese credit card companies (the wonderful Japanese banks!!) are very conservative and are afraid of rampant fraud or something.  Even large companies that take cards in their stores cannot accept them for mail or phone orders.  Until Japanese banks wake up and smell the 21st century, we are bound by their outdated business practices.....  (We can take Paypal.  Check out our payment section for details and restrictions.)


Q.  How should I store / display my cels?

A.  Well, just about every collector & dealer has his/her own ideas for storing & displaying cels.  These are our suggestions:   Light (especially florescent light) causes the black lines on cels to fade.  Therefore, we don't recommend displaying cels on the wall.  If you do decide to put some cels up, get them framed by a professional who is knowledgeable about animation artwork.  Make sure Plexiglas is used, as real glass can tear your cel to ribbons if it breaks!  Hang the artwork in a location away from sunlight or florescent tubes.  A wall that has no direct light hitting it is best.

When we store cels we bag them and stand them upright in narrow boxes.  This prevents the bottom cels from being crushed, and it's easier to flip through the cels if they're upright.  Cel books / binders are also used by many people.  We have some of our cels in these books, but we don't recommend them for cels that have staples in them (either multi-layer cels or cels with backgrounds).  We've discovered that the staples can damage other cels in the binder as the binders get pretty tight when full!  Binders are good if you plan to show off your cels to others, or take them to conventions / shows.  If you've got a bunch of cels you just want to put into the closet, boxes are OK.  Make sure the cels are packed tight enough not to bend, but not so tight as they are getting crushed (and be careful of those staples!).  (Backing boards may also be helpful in keeping your cels upright.)


Q.  I recently saw an auction on a Japanese auction service.   The seller won't sell overseas.  Will you please bid on the item for me and then send it to me?

A.  We don't really feel comfortable getting in the middle of other people's transactions, so we are unable to act the middleman. Sorry.


Q.  Do you offer a mailing service to let people know about new cels?

A.  Instead of a mailing service, we created our "What's New?!" page.   Here, all the most recent cel postings are noted.  We don't offer a mailing service due to the time it would take, and the fact that most popular cels are snapped up shortly after we post them.  Our regular customers check out the "What's New?!" section everyday.  We feel that this is the best way, as it doesn't show favoritism to any one person.

You may be able to set up your browser to let you know when we update our "What's New?!" page.  Doing this will give you the best advantage of getting new cels!


Q. Sometimes you sell cels, from the same show, at very different prices. Why?

A. Obviously, higher quality cels will sell for more than lesser quality cels. That is common sense.  If you mean that we sometimes sell same-quality sells for different prices, this too is easy to explain.  If we get a good deal on cels, we try to pass the savings on to the customer. If we have to pay a higher price to obtain a certain cel, then obviously it will go for a higher price. Increased demand leads to higher prices.   Sailor Moon cels used to sell for peanuts when the show was still in production.   Look at the price of them now..!  Once a show is exported to America or Europe, expect its cels to get more expensive.....


Q.  Why don't you distinguish between sequel shows / spin-offs?

A.  In Japan, no distinction is usually made between sequels or same-character spin-offs.  For example: all Dragon Ball cels (including GT and Z) are sold as "Dragon Ball", and the many Sailor Moon series' cels are sold as "Sailor Moon".  Identifying all of the different sub-series shows is a daunting task, and the Japanese don't usually bother.  With the hundreds of  TV shows and OAVs that have been released in the past, it's no wonder they don't.  We tend to agree with the Japanese system.  We'd like to know your thoughts on this matter.  Please contact us with your opinion.


Q. I've requested cels from many shows you don't have, and you've been unable to find them. Why not?

A. We can only obtain cels that are on the open market here in Japan. Months may go by before cels from any particular show become available.  It all depends on how the studio releases its cels. For example, Toei seemed to have a more liberal release system than most other studios. Toei cels were therefore much more common than say, Tatsunoko cels. While this is great for Dragon Ball fans, it stinks for Gatchaman fans.


Q. How can I help you, find me the cel(s) I want?

A. Good question. Easy answer. Send us images of the characters you want, give us the original Japanese names/titles, or send us links to sites that may have this information. While we know quite a bit about certain shows, we know less about others. Any information that you can share helps us out a great deal.


Q. Can you give me a price break if I buy many cels? or Will you wholesale cels to me?

A. We did not get into this business to be a wholesaler. As we wrote on our first page, we were tired of seeing the outrageous prices that other services charge. We don't want to be party to this. We want to bring cheaper cels to everyone. That's all. We feel that our prices are already the lowest they can be. If a dealer wants to buy his cels from us, then he's going to pay the same price as everyone else.


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